Neutron dhcp not assigning ip to instances launched with VMware vCenter..

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I am deploying Multi node OpenStack Juno in CentOS 7 - with three nodes controller, compute and network.. And the purpose of the project is to set up Sahara (Data Processing Service) with OpenStack..

My setup is in company network

I have integrated vSphere 5.5 with OpenStack Compute as hypervisor..And I have created same port group "br-int" inside vCenter also..

The issue arises when I am launching the instance from OpenStack dashboard

  • OpenStack dashboard is showing two ips assigned to the instance - fixed ip and floating ip..
  • New VM is created in vCenter but it is not able to get ip..

The specific error is because of cloud-init and described as below..

 - Calling '' failed : Network is unreachable

I have checked the bridge configuration in network and compute node.. And the br-int and br-tun ports and links are also down..

I have gone through many questions related to this issue but I am not able to solve the dhcp issue..

Thanks in advance..:)

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I have the same issue. Any pointers would help.


Alix gravatar imageAlix ( 2015-09-22 16:23:57 -0600 )edit

@Alix You should vote the question up instead, and reserve the space dedicated to answers to an actual answer.

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-09-22 16:53:15 -0600 )edit