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I'm running all in one juno setup. I'm doing some scale tests, wherein I could spawn 500vm's ( cirros images ). I get errors when I try to spawn multiple vm's only. In my script each user spawns 16vm's. When my script tries to go over say 4 users I get the below errors. Although, if I do it incrementally one or two users at a time it works well. Kindly let me know if any other logs are required.

nova-comput.log: It first creates a config drive but mount fails 2015-04-13 16:01:50.508 7977 INFO nova.virt.libvirt.driver [-] [instance: a9c20df5-1fd3-45a3-ba8a-404e8fa2674b] Creating config drive at /var/lib/nova/instances/a9c20df5-1fd3-45a3-ba8a-404e8fa2674b/disk.config

2015-04-13 16:01:56.246 7977 TRACE nova.compute.manager [instance: a9c20df5-1fd3-45a3-ba8a-404e8fa2674b] ConfigDriveMountFailed: Could not mount vfat config drive. mount failed. Error: Unexpected error while running command.

nova-api.log DEBUG nova.objects.instance [req-c6f81640-e38a-4701-bdb0-e7dcef9c2aae None] Lazy-loadin g `fault' on Instance uuid a9c20df5-1fd3-45a3-ba8a-404e8fa2674b obj_load_attr /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/objects/

I also see errors from libguestfs when its checks if it can resize the image. DEBUG nova.virt.disk.api [-] Unable to mount image /var/lib/nova/instances/ec5f5973-a4f3-4755-a70c-b2d880e4ebbf/disk with error libguestfs installed but not usable (/usr/bin/supermin-helper exited with error status 1. To see full error messages you may need to enable debugging.

ANother error during that time frame that I can see but not sure if its related: 2015-04-13 16:01:35.718 7977 ERROR nova.utils [-] Could not remove tmpdir: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: '/tmp/tmp4EuiGA

Kindly let me know if anyone has faced the same and any pointers are appreciated.

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