API inconsistency in list-volumes response on cinder vs nova?

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I noticed that when I directly call the cinder API and ask for a 'list-volumes' the response returned differs from the same list-volumes call made in nova.

Here is the object returned by cinder: (/volumes/detail?all_tenants=1)

{'volumes': [{'attachments': [{'device': '/dev/vdb',
 'id': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317',
 'server_id': '0445014a-7028-443b-a97c-d098fc22a55d',
 'volume_id': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317'}],
'availability_zone': 'ValhallaRegion',
'bootable': 'false',
'created_at': '2013-10-24T18:50:57.000000',
'display_description': u'',
'display_name': 'Volumename',
'id': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317',
'metadata': {},
'os-vol-host-attr:host': 'thor',
'os-vol-tenant-attr:tenant_id': '8a5cd2e83dba4b8888c078fe6236acba',
'size': 45,
'snapshot_id': None,
'source_volid': None,
'status': 'in-use',
'volume_type': 'None'}]}

Here is the object returned by nova (/os-volumes extension):

{'volumes': [{'attachments': [{'device': '/dev/vdb',
 'id': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317',
 'serverId': '0445014a-7028-443b-a97c-d098fc22a55d',
 'volumeId': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317'}],
 'availabilityZone': 'ValhallaRegion',
 'createdAt': '2013-10-24T18:50:57.000000',
 'displayDescription': u'',
 'displayName': 'RExplorer_temp2',
 'id': '8b9b1db6-fbcb-4ff5-8e46-375556a8b317',
 'metadata': {},
 'size': 45,
 'snapshotId': None,
 'status': 'in-use',
 'volumeType': 'None'}]}

Is there a reason the API returns an inconsistent value? Which one is 'correct', camelCased or separated_by_underscores?

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answered 2013-11-22 07:26:31 -0600

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Both are correct - its the same underlying data, just with different keynames for the values. They are different because in the first case you are accessing the cinder API directly. With the latter, list-volumes is a request to the Nova API which then calls the cinder REST API and proxies the data back. However in doing so, it slightly transforms it, changing the keynames in some cases to CamelCase rather than snake_case.

In the Nova V3 API os-volumes interface is removed and it is expected that clients will just access the cinder API directly (there is no advantage in going via Nova to get the same information).

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