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how to connect mylaptop to vm in my redhat openstack server?

asked 2015-04-13 11:33:24 -0500

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My redhat openstack server: Create br-eth1, add port eth1, create vport # ip tuntap... vport, add vport into br-eth1. Create net1 ip addr on openstack dashboard. Create instance. Virtual port was created for instance in br- int automaticly. Link two vir port in diff bridge. Command #ovs-vsctl set interface vport type:patch options:peer=<<vm vir="" port="">>. Command #ovs-vsctl set interface <<vm vir="" port="">> type:patch options:peer=vport My laptop running on ubuntu. Ip addr Why my laptop cannot ping to vm? Any other solution?

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answered 2015-04-13 20:45:49 -0500

iman_1972 gravatar image

ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex2 enp3s4f1

ip tuntap add mode tap vport1

ip link set vport1 up

ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex2 vport1

ovs-vsctl set interface vport1 type=patch options:peer=qvo82837ec2-53

ovs-vsctl set interface qvo82837ec2-53 type=patch options:peer=vport1

[root@myhpserver ~]# ovs-vsctl show


Bridge br-ex
    Port br-ex
        Interface br-ex
            type: internal
    Port "enp3s4f0"
        Interface "enp3s4f0"
Bridge br-tun
    fail_mode: secure
    Port br-tun
        Interface br-tun
            type: internal
    Port patch-int
        Interface patch-int
            type: patch
            options: {peer=patch-tun}
Bridge "br-ex2"
    Port "br-ex2"
        Interface "br-ex2"
            type: internal
    Port "vport1"
        Interface "vport1"
            type: patch
            options: {peer="qvo689dd8ce-a7"}
    Port "enp3s4f1"
        Interface "enp3s4f1"
Bridge br-int
    fail_mode: secure
    Port patch-tun
        Interface patch-tun
            type: patch
            options: {peer=patch-int}
    Port br-int
        Interface br-int
            type: internal
    Port "qvo689dd8ce-a7"   <- virtual port for VM
        tag: 1
        Interface "qvo689dd8ce-a7"
ovs_version: "2.1.3"

[root@myhpserver ~]#

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More explaination: ovs command and ovs-vsctl show

iman_1972 gravatar imageiman_1972 ( 2015-04-13 20:47:16 -0500 )edit

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