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WARNING VMwareVcVmdkDriver -1.3.0 driver is uninitialized

asked 2015-04-12 23:23:31 -0500

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updated 2015-04-12 23:24:04 -0500

I'm using Juno, Ubuntu 14, vsphere 5.5. and VMwareVCDriver. Cinder services are running but when I tried to create one volume, it fails with (cinder-api.log):

 CinderException: Failed to create api volume flow

When I checked the rest of the log files, there was the following message every few minutes:

WARNING cinder.volume.manager [-] Unable to update volume replication status, VMwareVcVmdkDriver -1.3.0  driver is uninitialized.

And when cinder-volume is restarted, the log shows:

ERROR suds.client
Error encountered during initialization of driver: VMwareVcVmdkDriver
Exception: (503, u'Service Unavailable')

My cinder file is:

rpc_backend = rabbit
rabbit_host = controller
rabbit_password = *****
my_ip =
verbose = True
debug = True

vmware_host_ip =
vmware_host_username = root
vmware_host_password = ****
vmware_wsdl_location = file:///opt/vmware/SDK/vsphere-ws/wsdl/vim25/vimService.wsdl

rootwrap_config = /etc/cinder/rootwrap.conf
api_paste_confg = /etc/cinder/api-paste.ini
iscsi_helper = tgtadm
volume_name_template = volume-%s
volume_group = cinder-volumes
verbose = True
auth_strategy = keystone
state_path = /var/lib/cinder
lock_path = /var/lock/cinder
volumes_dir = /var/lib/cinder/volumes

connection = mysql://cinder:*****@controller/cinder

auth_uri = http://controller:5000/v2.0
identity_uri = http://controller:35357
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = cinder
admin_password = ****

glance_host = controller
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answered 2015-04-14 17:24:29 -0500

job gravatar image

Vmware SDK web service were not running in vcenter because hostname resolution. That was the reason of the "Service Unavailable" error. I had to add the correct entry for the hostname and IP to /etc/hosts.

VMware KB

However, I'm still getting the an error when trying to create a new volume:

inderException: Failed to create api volume flow
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