Restricting user to create only one VM out of a project?

asked 2015-04-12 01:41:31 -0500

Dear All,

I have a very strange requirement of creating VM on OpenStack.

My Requriement is as follows:

When we are creating a new user in openstack and for a particular project which has quota for more then 1000's of VM in a project. So when you create a user under this project, the problem is the user can see all the availability in the overview. There is no restrictions. How to restrict the user in utilizing this resources?

One solution is to make separate project for each customer which is not acceptable in my case as i may have 100000 of customers. Can you let me know the other solution? I just need a separate VM Creation for each user under a project but that user should not see other VM's or resources under that project.

Please help me to find this solution?


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