vxlan between openstack node and mininet switch

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Hi All, I have basic devstack installation all in one machine. Physical interface of this machine is eth0 with ip Post devstack installation br-ex was created with ip I created a cirros instance with ip ( on private network in openstack ). I was able to reach the instance from the host terminal.

I have mininet simulated with a single switch and single host( with ip ) in another machine. I have created vxlan port on the switch and installed flows to be able reach instance on the openstack machine. I used the command below to create vxlan port. "sh ovs-vsctl add-port s1 vtep -- set interface vtep type=vxlan option:remote_ip= option:key=flow ofport_request=10"

Now I did 'h1 ping' in mininet terminal. I do not expect the ping will work since I have not configured vxlan port on openstack machine But I was expecting to see if the ARP request reaches So on the openstack machine I did a tcpdump. I could see the ARP request coming in 'ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28' on the physical interface eth0. But I could not see the same on br-ex or br-int. As per my understanding the packet has to go through bridge to reach . I am wondering why I cant see these requests on the bridges. And where should I create vxlan port in openstack machine to make this vxlan tunnel work? Any help appreciated.

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Are you following a particular guide/instructions that you could reference so we know what you are doing. Could you post the output of the following commands.

#ip a
#ovs-vsctl show
#route -n
omar-munoz gravatar imageomar-munoz ( 2015-04-07 15:50:31 -0500 )edit

Hi. On the mininet machine I am using following video as reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnSkH...

On the openstack machine. I executed the commands

ip a = https://justpaste.it/kfp3

ovs-vsctl show = https://justpaste.it/kfp4

route -n = https://justpaste.it/kfp5

Anbu gravatar imageAnbu ( 2015-04-09 12:03:04 -0500 )edit

I have added a vxlan port on br-tun to try it out which you can see in ovs-vsctl show. I am not sure how openstack networking works. But I did go through this https://www.hastexo.com/system/files/...

I am not sure what I am missing. Thanks for the help

Anbu gravatar imageAnbu ( 2015-04-09 12:05:48 -0500 )edit

And here is the localrc file if that helps - https://justpaste.it/kfpd

Anbu gravatar imageAnbu ( 2015-04-09 12:11:57 -0500 )edit