How to quickly purge and recreate Keystone Token DB?

asked 2015-04-06 21:56:22 -0600

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My token database grew to 37GB after I didn't catch the part in the guide about periodically running keystone-manage token_flush. So I have finally run keystone-manage token_flush now, and its been running for about 8 hours and it's still going. I'm wondering if there's a faster way to just completely purge the database by dropping the table and recreating it. What's the fastest way to do this and/or how do I properly recreate that table?

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answered 2015-04-06 23:34:23 -0600

If it is not production system, you can truncate token table or drop and re create it. Also not sure which version you are running. Juno does batch delete which is better than previous versions which does full table lock

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