HA Storage Options for Private OpenStack Cloud

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I am starting to research deploying a private OpenStack cloud in my environment and migrating all of my virtual machines to it. I currently manage several independent KVM virtual machine hosts (running Ubuntu 12.04) with local storage using libvirt. I also have experience with DRBD, pacemaker, and corosync for HA. The virtual machines are mostly Linux servers, though there are also a few Windows 7 VMs. From what I've read about OpenStack, it sounds like my environment would benefit in the following ways from migrating all VMs to it: * robust HA infrastructure with live migration for all VMs * automatic data duplication and redundancy * better/faster/more efficient management and deployment of VMs * easier host/node maintenance (thanks to live migrations)

I am currently trying to decide which storage option(s) make sense for my environment. HA is an important requirement, so I was picturing deploying two or more storage backends that replicate between each other and act as hot-spares in case the primary suffers a failure (load balancing would also be nice). I would prefer an open-source solution using commodity hardware over a storage appliance, both for cost as well as flexibility with administration (not being a "blackbox"). However, I'd also like to hear about any highly-recommended appliances as well.

I've started looking at Ceph, which seems to offer a lot of what I am looking for. Reading http://www.openstack.org/software/openstack-storage/ , it seems that OpenStack offers a lot of features that are important to me: * no single point of failure * live migrations * horizontal scaling * automatic replication/hardware recovery * data checksumming * can use commodity hardware One question I have is how does OpenStack eliminate all single points of failure when communicating between the compute nodes and storage backend? Does it distribute storage requests between multiple storage proxy servers (and switches)? What happens to a running VM if its shared storage backend cannot be contacted?

Thanks for any help or ideas you can provide!


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Any updates on this or information I can use to get started?

amartin gravatar imageamartin ( 2013-11-05 16:06:52 -0600 )edit

Hi Andrew,

I am new to the forum and noticed your question has been outstanding for a while. Do you still need input?

Tabi T gravatar imageTabi T ( 2015-07-23 10:10:24 -0600 )edit