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How do I change from 1ge to 10ge networking after deployment?

asked 2013-10-29 14:45:28 -0500

aplawson gravatar image

Hello! I successfully built a multi-node OpenStack environment (1xctlr -> 2xcompute -> 1xcinder) and need to switch my storage links to use 10ge networking. Can this be done without re-deploying everything and if so, how or where is it documented? I ask because I deployed the environment using Mirantis Fuel which doesn't support Mellanox NIC drivers. Unfortunately, Mellanox NIC's are the only 10ge NIC's I have available. I was able to patch the servers with the Mellanox drivers after the environment was built and now everything can talk to each other, but I'm unsure if changing the config post-deployment is possible without an OpenStack PhD. And I don't believe the Fuel GUI supports change the OpenStack network config once you hitr the big shiny red button called "Deploy Changes".

Currently using Nova-Network w/ FlatDHCP. Thoughts?

Mahalo, Adam

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Which backend driver are you using? You should be able to change the iscsi target settings in cinder.conf assuming your compute nodes have network access already configured/setup over your new 10G network.

jgriffith gravatar imagejgriffith ( 2013-10-31 22:48:03 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-10-02 21:41:59 -0500

VSR gravatar image

HI Adam, The answer is not straightforward, this will depend on how the existing NICs are configured and how are u doing to use the new ones. lets say existing 1G NICs are eth0 and eth1 and you are replacing eth1 nNIC with a 10G, and the OS has detected it as eth1 after replacement. then you dont have do do anything i.e the bridges will have eth1 as a port and things will work normally. However if the new NIC is detected as eth2, then you will have to manually map the bridges to the new NIC, this will require understanding the current bridges and NIC mapping.

"ip link", "dmesg", "brctl show" and "ovs-ofctl show " will get you started.


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