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i have a problem while creating users in OpenStack Installation

asked 2015-04-03 14:48:25 -0500

nihal gravatar image

I forgot to make '--email " in this command "keystone user-create --name admin --pass openstack --email" the email's case appears empty ,,when i retry the command i found an error 'Duplicate Entry" ,,what can i do???

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answered 2015-04-05 15:07:47 -0500

Charles Benon gravatar image

Hi Nihal,

As the user is already created, you need to modify it:

keystone user-update USER_ID --name admin --email

To get the user ID, you can go for keystone user-list.

For more details:

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Asked: 2015-04-03 14:48:25 -0500

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