sahara cluster launching stay on waiting

asked 2015-04-02 18:43:09 -0600

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hi i installed openstack juno with devstack and i enabled sahara , i have a problem when i try to launch a cluster on sahara the status of the cluster stay on waiting and when i click instances the status is active and the power state is runing but the cluster stay on waiting please help !!!!

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Check nova/neutron (whichever you are using) and sahara.conf file for floating_ips and check the sahara logs.. If you have not enabled logs, Make following changes in /etc/sahara/sahara.conf

log_dir = /var/log/sahara log_file = sahara.log

Restart OpenStack Sahara services and relaunch the cluster

dst_91 gravatar imagedst_91 ( 2015-04-23 05:15:26 -0600 )edit
dst_91 gravatar imagedst_91 ( 2015-04-23 05:16:13 -0600 )edit


UseFloatingIP was not enabled in the nova config so I did that and restarted all the OpenStack services.

saurav_purdue gravatar imagesaurav_purdue ( 2015-08-27 08:28:06 -0600 )edit