How would you build an enterprise openstack environment? [closed]

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Hi all, i hope i am at the correct place to ask this question. Currently we are planning to build an enterprise ready openstack environment and came to the point where we had a discussion about how to proceed.

We are currenly discussing if we should go with a plain (vanilla) openstack installation or if it would be better to have some vendor support (may it Suse, RedHat, IBM, HP or whoever)

Therefore i wanted to ask for some input from your site, what your experience was and how you would start such a project.

Our Planned environment will look something like the following: We will have 3+ regions (Which will be in different Datacenters/Rooms) We will have a "central" Instance for Keystone, Database,RabbitMQ and Horizon which should be spread across all Datacenters and should be highavailable.

We are also planning to be able to "shut down" or "fail" one datacenter and still be able to use the rest of our openstack installation.

If you need some more specific information to help me with this, i'd happily share them with you.

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What would the openstack environment be used for primarily or an estimate of how big you would need it to be? Before any of this you need to set up a POC. Do you have any requirements such as must run 200 vms with 1 GB RAM/10GB DISK, storage capacity of 1000TB, anything like that?

omar-munoz gravatar imageomar-munoz ( 2015-04-02 10:00:44 -0600 )edit