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Registering/Reading already created GlusterFS images in Glance

asked 2015-04-01 13:52:11 -0600

rms_13 gravatar image

Hello experts, I have a glusterFS based storage which is already populating the store by some other means. Now if I were to integrate glance to access this store, what are my options?

Ideally, when I do glance image-list, I want to see all the images present in glusterFS. But it seems that without creating/registering the image it is not going to happen.

Thanks in advance for the answer/help.


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answered 2015-06-10 01:15:00 -0600

manojhirway gravatar image

Hi Ronak,

I am facing a similar situation. I have ready made backed-up images from my customer's which are stored on NFS. I need glance to recognize these without uploading them to glance. Is this possible ? If not, can I skip glance, and use these NFS images directly to boot from a volume ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

THanks, Manoj

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