dhcp dnsmasq.conf file for each network

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I'm using Juno RDO, We have special needs for our dhcp servers in several tenant networks, the problem is, each network needs different options set up in the dhcp server. But we only have one file dnsmasq.conf where we can set the dhcp options for all dhcp servers/agents.

Is there a way to setup a dnsmasq.conf file per network?.

right now, what we do is configure several network nodes each one has a dnsmasq.conf file and is configured as the only dhcp agent for a network, but this way we can't have dhcp ha, and we also need several network nodes, not a good solution.


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answered 2015-04-01 12:21:41 -0600

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This blueprint didn't go anywhere Allow for per-subnet dhcp options

Maybe DHCP options per port can help? e.g. set mtu to 1000:

neutron port-update $PORT --extra_dhcp_opts list=true opt_name=26,opt_value=1000

Then the host file has:


And the opts file has:

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