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packstack nova network configuration for my vlan

asked 2015-03-30 03:55:11 -0600

anonymous user


System Configuration: (1) Fedora 20 installed with two interface em0, em1 (2) I have vlan101 and configured em0 interface with one of the ip in vlan101 and others IPs are free in that vlan101

Packstack Procedure:

(1) Installed rdo-release.rpm and openstack-packstack

(2) Genereated answers file using "packstack --gen-answer-file=answers.txt"

(3) and i modified the below in answer file



(1) I want to have nova network to access the virtual machine launched in openstack which i installed in the above fedora 20 What are the 'other parameters' in packstack answer file that i need to change to use vlan101 , so that i should have public-network to access my created virtual-machine

(2) Any thing we have to modify additionally using ovs-vctl or other linux commands ?

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answered 2015-03-30 10:02:04 -0600

dbaxps gravatar image

updated 2015-03-30 10:07:52 -0600

As far I know RDO Juno,IceHouse,Havana have nova-network  deprecated. You are forced to use neutron. RDO IceHouse is built in Fedora 21, support on F20 was dropped. As far as you see 
packstack --gen-answer-file=answers.txt
you will understand what kind of network provider is supposed to be used for tenant's networks.

It was possible set up vlan tenant's networks with packstack on RDO Icehouse:-

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