multiple glance server for caching

asked 2015-03-29 17:20:16 -0500

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Hi all,

I need to find a way to locally cache images for my many nova-compute nodes. The main goal is to pre-cache images to be served on the fly when an instance is launched on a particular compute node. I see there already is a Glance Caching Mechanism. So my idea is to install, for each compute node, a glance api-"relay" on its side and somehow make the compute node refer to the local glance. Moreover, the local glance would be composed only by the API part, not the registry part. In the API conf file I would like to point the main central registry, so that any glance relay see the same centralized set of images. Then, by using the cache-manage command I would be able to prefetch images on different nodes.

First question: does anyone have tried this? If I only install the API part of glance, may I set the registry host to the controller one?

Second: I guess that, when using client commands, the glance endpoint is obtained directly by keystone, isn't it? So, I would need to modify keystone to return the caller's glance relay instead of the central glance endpoint. Will I need to modify Keystone?

Third: is there any other caching system I may implement?

Sorry for my many doubts, I hope some guru can hep me!

Thank you,


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