Juno on laptop: fails due to IP changes

asked 2015-03-27 15:46:31 -0600

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Trying to run Juno on a laptop as I need to work in OpenStack environment while away on business.

Using RDO packstack --allinone configuration. Initial configuration was performed while connect to LAN via wired Ethernet connection.

Now, when not connected to this network (no wired connection) I get "Error: unable to retrieve network quota information" and other errors when logging into OpenStack i.e. via localhost. Even if the NIC is configured to the same IP address as it had on the wired network I get this same error. Even if I conned via WiFi I continue to get this and other errors.

Can I not run OpenStack 'offline'? i.e. without external (Internet/LAN) connectivity?

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answered 2015-03-28 08:05:44 -0600

edwberger gravatar image

My experience was that by default the packstack allinone installation script hard coded the ip address (it found at install time) in many configuration files in /etc. I didn't look further into whether the databases also contained such fixed addresses which weren't localhost. I dropped trying to packstack --allinone install on a dynamically addressed machine once I realized this.

My quick&dirty fix to get things running before I just re-installed from scratch was to assign that address statically to an unused ethernet port on the server with onboot=yes, when the original port had received a new one that didn't match the installation address.

I suppose one could create a "fake" network port with the installation ip as a static address as an alternative.

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