Openstack instance with more than 1 nic, 2nd IP is not pingable

asked 2015-03-27 07:32:50 -0500

pranam gravatar image

Both the IPs belong to the same subnet. The openstack instance has 2 NICs. Only 1 IP is pingable though it shows both IPs are UP in "ifconfig". Did the necessary changes in "/etc/sysctl.conf" in rp_filter and set it to 2. Is there any setting required from openstack configuration?

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How did you added the second IP?

fgorbat gravatar imagefgorbat ( 2015-03-29 11:57:08 -0500 )edit

I added the second NIC using the command nova interface-attach --net-id <net-id> <server_name>

I created the ifcfg-eth1 file. Then did a service network restart to get the IP from the underlying DHCP server.

Both the IPs show as "UP" but only one IP is pingable.

pranam gravatar imagepranam ( 2015-03-30 04:48:33 -0500 )edit