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I would like to understand heat usage in multi region configuration (on Juno release).

My assumptions:

  • two Regions: Region1 and Region2
  • one heat service in each Region
  • one common keystone
  • one common dashboard
  • other services defined in both regions (e.g. neutron in region1 and second neutron in region2)
  • one tenant (half of the resources in Region1 and half of the resources in Region2)
  • instances from both regions can connect to each other using private network defined in the tenant
  • heat will be triggered from instances defined in the tenant


  1. Are my assumptions correct?
  2. Two heat services (one in each region), heat wll be triggered from instances so:
  • is it possible to trigger heat service defined in region1 from the instance defined in region2? If yes how we can do that? How we can specify which heat should be used?
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answered 2015-03-30 10:38:50 -0600

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This is a complicated scenario. It is achievable though. You can create two sub-stacks on each region, and having one master stack running on one of them. In the master stack, you create a resource that expose a webhook (e.g. alarm_url of scalingpolicy). Each sub-stack will send signal/alarms to the same alarm_url, i.e. for triggering something. There are open questions though: - how to make the singleton notification sink to handle events in a generic way; - how to utilize neutron VPNaaS to make the two sub-stacks to appear as a single one; - how to load-balance between two or more regions, i.e. use neutron LBaaS correctly.

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Thank You, so is some other "preferable" solution for usage heat in multi-region open stack? Should we manage each stack (each region) by separate heat?

ZJ gravatar imageZJ ( 2015-04-02 02:14:51 -0600 )edit

Maybe this 'missing diagram' is what you want to check. Each configuration has its own pros and cons: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/...

Qiming gravatar imageQiming ( 2015-04-02 02:46:43 -0600 )edit

I saw this diagram, but can all these scenario be achived on Juno? I thought that mentione "OS::Heat::Stack" can be used starting from Kilo realease.

ZJ gravatar imageZJ ( 2015-04-02 06:03:18 -0600 )edit

no, not all scenarios.. You may think of OS::Heat::Stack resource type implementation as scenario 2.

Qiming gravatar imageQiming ( 2015-04-02 06:58:50 -0600 )edit

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