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Error in the association floating ip with 2 networks.

asked 2015-03-26 21:20:50 -0600

dmorte gravatar image

Hello everyone.

First sorry for my English, because I'm Spanish and I do not express properly.

I have a problem with neutron. When the virtual machine is in a network with two routings, no floating ip addresses work.

If I delete a network port that is not public then it works.

I attached a picture that explains it perfectly:

any ideas?

many thank you very much

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answered 2015-04-01 08:27:37 -0600

Charles Benon gravatar image

Hi Dmorte,

I see in your diagrams a subnet (Red-Frontal-TipoA - IP subnet is linked to 2 different routers to access 2 different subnets:

  • Red-Trasera-TipoA (IP subnet is
  • net04_ext (probably IP 89.140.183.x/x)

I tried the same on my Ubuntu/Juno, but, I can't get the same error (I was expecting maybe Neutron getting confused with the 2 routers).

Could you provide:

  • neutron subnet-list
  • neutron router-list

If you check neutron logs on the controller (server.log) or network node (l3-agent.log), do you have more details ?

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