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I have a very simple swift installation using Juno RDO, I have the proxy service on the controller and a couple of storage node, we just use the object storage, to store glance images and different type of backups.

It has working ok for some time now, but after a full reboot of the proxy and storage nodes, the problem we have is when we upload files to swift, after 50/60 of seconds they can't be listed anymore. The object still exists and I can do a GET an retrieve the object, the problem is the container and the objects are not listed anywhere:

[root@controller swift(keystone_fomvs)]# swift upload backup object.ring.gz ; echo "---" ; swift list backup; echo "---" ; sleep 60  ; swift list backup

Container 'backup' not found

Although the objects are not listed with the swift command, they can be retrieved without problems:

[root@controller swift(keystone_fomvs)]# swift stat
        Account: AUTH_4623b4b7b4a5451cac83b6a95fca898f
     Containers: 0
        Objects: 0
          Bytes: 0
X-Put-Timestamp: 1427358439.75538
    X-Timestamp: 1427358439.75538
     X-Trans-Id: tx1e7b5a2f634d4b7f96336-005513c2e7
   Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

[root@controller swift(keystone_fomvs)]# swift download backup object.ring.gz
object.ring.gz [auth 0.578s, headers 0.807s, total 0.808s, 0.005 MB/s]

No errors are reported in the swift logs, nor the rsync logs.

Here are the logs and the config files:

link:Link to pastebin

Could you please give me and idea where I can start looking to try and solve the problem?.


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Juno is EOL (as per http://releases.openstack.org/ ). Please reopen if the issue is still relevant on a more recent release.

rbowen gravatar imagerbowen ( 2016-06-21 13:44:22 -0600 )edit