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/etc/glance directory empty [closed]

asked 2015-03-25 17:55:54 -0500

dodgerfan78 gravatar image

I am installing Juno release on Ubuntu 14.04. I have finished installing the identity service and now am doing glance. I installed successfully but the glance-api.conf did not look like the one in the docs. There was no [glance_store] section. Anyway, I completed the section as best I could, the [glance_store] lines were configured in [DEFAULT], but glance was not authenticating properly when creating an image. I could manually get a token for glance using the keystone CLI. I could also log into mysql with glance user and see the glance db.

I decided to purge glance and start over. After purging, the glance /etc/glance directory still had files in it so I removed them. After reinstalling, those files are not being installed.

Any ideas what is wrong? Should I not have deleted the files?

root@controller:/# cd /etc/glance
root@controller:/etc/glance# ls
root@controller:/etc/glance# apt-get install glance python-glanceclient -y
Reading package lists... Done 
Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done 
python-glanceclient is already the newest version. 
glance is already the newest version. 
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.


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answered 2015-03-25 18:17:51 -0500

dodgerfan78 gravatar image

I purged glance again, did an apt-get update and then re-installed glance. I was prompted to install all the glance config files again and they are now there. The glance-api.conf file now has the [glance_store] section.

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