How do you assign a quota class to a project?

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There's some documentation on how to define, update and show quota classes in nova and cinder, but how do you assign a quota class to a project?

Using Juno from Ubuntu cloudarchive. Ultimately I'd lie to do this through the python client APIs but a CLI example will liekly get me close enough so I can find the right python bits.

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answered 2015-03-24 12:44:56 -0600

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Answered in IRC (2015-03-24) "you can't"

(01:41:24 PM) mriedem: jproulx: i'm pretty sure quota classes aren't supported / don't work - besides the default quota clsas
(01:41:26 PM) mriedem: *class
(01:41:44 PM) russellb: yep, was never fully implemented
(01:41:47 PM) jproulx: that would explain my issues :)
(01:41:59 PM) russellb: sorry that it's confusing
(01:42:19 PM) mriedem: fwiw we tried removing it :)
(01:42:24 PM) mriedem: but you know, can't remove apis kind of
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