root@network-mgmt's password

asked 2015-03-22 07:30:23 -0600

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Hi, i'm trying to setup 'training-cluster' based on three virtual ubuntu hosts as here. I have set up 3 hosts and network between them as documented, and then run what seen relevant scripts from the ubuntu directory on controller and compute hosts. On network host, when i run the only setup script (except and - it progresses until it gets to

neutron-l3-agent start/running, process 4726
Getting router namespace ....................

and stucks there forever. so i canceled it and the current status of the setup is not clear. when i try to launch instance on the network node it asks for root's password (which i don't have - i run from on some local account i have created)

$ ./
Checking services on network node.
Node network-mgmt, service openvswitch-switch:Warning: Identity file /home/alon/.ssh/vagrant not accessible: No such file or directory.
root@network-mgmt's password:

Could someone please recommend steps to setup training cluster, or what i do wrong/missing? Note: I haven't installed vagrant on any of these hosts as it was not mentioned in installation instructions.


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