How to enable glance cache manage middleware in Grizzly?

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I'm trying to configure glance image cache with grizzly, but the glance-cache-manage list-cached commands returns:

 Cache management middleware not enabled on host

I have added the following in the glance-api.conf

flavor = keystone+cachemanagement

In Folsom, it was solved by changing some parameters in the keystone database as mentioned in the following link: ; but in grizzly the keystone database structure is quite diferent and does not work by changing 'v2' to 'v1' in the url field. The 'extra' field in Grizzly is empty by default.

Any ideas on how to enable glance cache manage middleware in Grizzly?

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answered 2015-07-28 11:46:37 -0600

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Maybe it's to late, but it deserves to have an answer to this question.

I found the following documentation that helps to get an idea how to configure it.

Hope this helps

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