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systemctl start openstack-sahara-all

asked 2015-03-19 10:40:45 -0500

Pauravi gravatar image

updated 2015-03-19 14:45:24 -0500

rbowen gravatar image

Whenever i type this command i get an error I am using ubuntu 14.10 and the guide for it is

failed to get d-bus connection .No connection to service manager

How do we solve that

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answered 2015-11-29 03:52:48 -0500

Dheeraj gravatar image


you can also try this to check sahara is running or not, by using this command

sahara-all --config-file /etc/sahara/sahara.conf

this will show all details of sahara initialization on your system.

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answered 2015-03-23 11:26:36 -0500

It sounds like you're hitting this bug:

There is a workaround listed, but I'm not sure if it'll absolutely work for you. Rather than using

systemctl start openstack-sahara-all


sudo service openstack-sahara-all start

A more drastic workaround would be install on Ubuntu 14.04 instead.

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