Inserting additional status entries into nova.instance_actions?

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We are looking to add additional feedback to the end user on the status of the provisioning. In addition to spinning up a VM, we have additional products that get loaded onto the instance.

Those additional products would be nice to see as it is happening.

The logical place that these entries look like those are supposed to go is nova.instance_actions. Is this a wise decision? AND is this table in the process of being deprecated?

The documentation has me concerned:

Warning.svg Old Design Page
This page was used to help design a feature for a previous release of OpenStack. It may or may not have been implemented. As a result, this page is unlikely to be updated and could contain outdated information. It was last updated on 2014-05-15
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The wiki is not the place where to look for documentation. The Nova documentation is hosted on

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-03-20 18:17:09 -0500 )edit