How to provide several Windows desktop versions for clients

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I've got a software in development which I would like to present to multiple users. The software is normally installed on a Windows 7 x64 system and the user is only able to use the software and does never use the computer in any other way.

So a user just turns on his PC and uses the software. Nothing else.

I would like to provide a system in which the users may log in to running (or paused) virtual machines. They should be able to switch between multiple virtual machines (with different software versions) as easy as selecting a new tab in a browser.

In the end the usery should be able to create files with the different software versions and export them to their own PCs.

Is there any way to achieve this with OpenStack? Will I have to set up my own cloud and grant the users access, or are there companies who set up the cloud so far that I just have to install the systems?

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From what you describe I think you may accomplish something like that with OpenStack. You need to create images for the various software you need to distribute, and provision them via OpenStack to your users. You may want to read how to create Windows-based machines and go from there.

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