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how to change host name of openstack nova service?

asked 2015-03-14 20:03:02 -0600

aupres gravatar image

I try to make instance on openstack private cloud web UI. But it fails.The error code is Failed to launch instance "test": Please try again later [Error: No valid host was found. ]. So i executed the following command

$ nova-manage service list

and found the nova service worked well but hosts were different.

Binary           Host                      Zone             Status     State Updated_At
nova-consoleauth localhost.localdomain    internal         enabled    :-)   2015-03-14 20:42:58
nova-scheduler   localhost.localdomain    internal         enabled    :-)   2015-03-14 20:42:58
nova-conductor   localhost.localdomain    internal         enabled    :-)   2015-03-14 20:42:57
nova-cert        localhost.localdomain    internal         enabled    :-)   2015-03-14 20:42:58
nova-compute     localhost.localdomain     nova            enabled    :-)   2015-03-14 20:42:58

This is /etc/hosts   publiccloud
# openstack configuration ip and hostname       privatecloud

How can i modify host name of nova service? Your advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks

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answered 2015-03-18 10:18:42 -0600

Poonam Agarwal gravatar image

Did you set the system hostname at all?

  1. Modify /etc/hostname to reflect the hostname that you want

    cloud-controller-01 ( for example )
  2. In /etc/hosts add entries as below       localhost    cloud-controller-01

Is should pick up the right name after you do that.

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