Installation errors in openstack using devstack related to timeout

asked 2015-03-13 23:06:10 -0600

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  • [[ sql = \s\q\l ]] ++ get_or_create_service cinder volume 'Cinder Volume Service' +++ openstack service show cinder -f value -c id +++ openstack service create volume --name cinder '--description=Cinder Volume Service' -f value -c id ERROR: openstack Gateway Timeout (HTTP 504) ++ local service_id=

++ echo + local cinder_service= + get_or_create_endpoint RegionOne '$(tenant_id)s' '$(tenant_id)s' '$(tenant_id)s' ++ openstack endpoint list --column ID --column Region --column 'Service Name' ++ grep '$(tenant_id)s ' ++ grep ' RegionOne ' ++ get_field 1 ++ local data field ++ read data ERROR: openstack Gateway Timeout (HTTP 504) + local endpoint_id= + [[ -z '' ]]

I am getting the same gateway timeout error for admin user creation and admin role creation also..pLease can anyone help me in rectifying these errors.the previous error of GIT timeout was rectified after changing the path with https in place of GIT protocol as port number 3841 is blocked in my firewall and https worked fine please help me in rectifying the above errors.Thanking you.

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