Managing Openstack alarms with the REST API [closed]

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Been trying for awhile now to wrap my head around Ceilometer alarms. I was wondering if someone could point me to some documentation that approached alarms with respect to the REST API. It seems all the examples I can find are command line examples, which are of little use to those of us who would like to leverage the REST API for application purposes. When I do find examples of JSON requests for POST and PUT, they are less than adequate in describing what properties mean and which are required. Also, some use use case clarifications would be nice. At first glance, I could interpret period, evaluation period, etc., a multitude of ways. Also, the query property is an array which implies to me that it can take multiple criteria. Combined with the combination type, I should be able to set up unlimitedly complex queries, but this does not seem to be the case in practice. Also, through trial and error I have found that there seems to be little or no validation of the properties on the backend as I am able to create rudimentary alarams with bogus data. I've even gotten 201 reponses for alarms set to trigger on a resource that the user the auth token represents has no access to. That isn't very hard to avoid on the front end of an application though if I do some validation of my own, but valid fields that can be used in a query are not apparent. If a query indeed allows any property of the cpu_util meter then I should be able to filter by user_id or project_id, for example. In this case, the obvious interpretation of that query, if it were a threshold alarm, would be to trigger if ANY resource breaches the threshold, where user_id or project_id matches. I can find no clear indication or confirmation that this is the case. I understand the concept of alarms, but not the implementation, at least enough to put it to use. I need basic information like here is a JSON request example(s) with EVERY POSSIBLE property. These are the properties you can exclude, these are are the properties that are required, and here is a table of verbose defitions of each one. I cannot seem to find this anywhere.

Could someone point me to something a little more in depth? Articles like: (

and (

are confusing, vague, and not very helpful.


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