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number of cpu's required for openstack nodes

asked 2015-03-12 00:20:47 -0600

GreenBrane gravatar image

Please I'm new to openstack and I've successfully installed openstack havana on unbuntu, using two nodes as a testing environment. I need to provide the hardware requirements for a functional environment. I'm trying to setup openstack to provide a traditional desktop application such as an IDE as a SaaS. My confusion is with the number of CPU's required per node. On the Openstack juno install-guide, under the hardware requirments, it is specified that the compute node for example, should have 2-4+ CPU. My question is what do they mean by CPU in this case? do they mean the number of separate physical processors on a single node or the number of cores within a single physical processor? Will using a comodity pc with a single intel core i7 processor for a compute node in a production environment be okay? please i need your help as this idea of CPU and processor is not really clear to me. thanks

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answered 2015-03-12 04:40:23 -0600

lnxslck gravatar image

The number of CPU's is the number of cores. Of course if you can have different physical CPU's it would be better.

Be advised, the compute nodes need some horse power, because they handle all the hard work, so your best machines should be used as compute nodes.

Using a comodity pc in production will depend on what you'll be doing, how many instances will you be creating? What kind of hard work will the compute node be doing?

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