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How did OpenStack solve bottleneck in I/O hard dirk?I

asked 2015-03-11 21:36:47 -0500

Mozart gravatar image

I wonder that bottleneck in write and read data on Hard disk. Example, 10 VMs concurrent access hard disk and maybe bottleneck. How did OpenStack solve it? I hear about ring in Swift, but I not really understand. Please help me, thanks

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answered 2015-03-12 04:41:46 -0500

duyhoat1910 gravatar image

you can use information below: (

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answered 2015-03-12 05:09:50 -0500

fgorbat gravatar image

updated 2015-03-12 05:11:13 -0500

I/O performance has to be addressed by external storage, appropriate I/O spreading across the disks spindles (Raid1,5,6 etc...) and with integration of cinder.

Swift is object store that designed for application data purposes.

In one of the projects we used Cinder+Storage plugin.

Good luck!

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