How to shift my OpenStack environment completely into Fiber optics networking???

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I successfully implemented OpenStack Juno with workstations. All networking is through Ethernet cards. Now Iam planning to change them all to fiber networks. What are the things that I need to consider?? What are the possible problems that will arrive?? Is there any driver issues?? Is there any problems with VM's?? Please help..


Yedhu Sastri

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answered 2015-03-11 05:37:18 -0600

Moe gravatar image

fiber optics and Ethernet cable are two different network medias actually these medias are not involved with openstack because they are OSI L2 interfaces if your operating system (Linux) has detected the fiber optic media, and your nodes are connected to each other there would be no problem for openstack which works in OSI L3 - L7 stacks,

with this change you have improved your BW from 1G to 10G which is a great improvement in speed of data transfer between nodes.

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