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Ways to Create Docker Instance.

asked 2015-03-10 18:32:27 -0500

bb gravatar image

updated 2015-03-10 21:50:23 -0500

I am trying to understand the ways in which i can create docker instance. AFAIK, following are models i could use.

1) Nova-Docker using docker driver 2) Docker Using Heat template 3) Docker using Murano

Nova-Docker creates a daemon and runs in hybrid mode with virt-driver, while Heat creates a VM instance on a hypervisor and has docker on it, with respect to #3. They seem to combine both #1 and #2.


1) Is above understanding right ? 2) Are there any other options to bring up Docker for Openstack 3) I am confused when to use what. Are there usecase associated with them ?

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the word 'docker' means a lot of things to different people. Can you edit your question and add more details about your use case?

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-03-10 20:50:55 -0500 )edit

Smaffulli: thanks for the reply. But i did not get your question. What do you mean by 'lot of things to different people'. As far as i know, want a docker instance like an VM instance. Is there any other meaning ?

bb gravatar imagebb ( 2015-03-10 21:51:48 -0500 )edit

I run Ubuntu x86_64 minimal, with kernel image extra packages for aufs. then docker on that. LXC is fast for starting and stopping processes. Also for isolation using c-groups. I never reboot the VMs, just the docker instances.

championofcyrodiil gravatar imagechampionofcyrodiil ( 2015-03-10 22:46:02 -0500 )edit

also you can usa nova to try and use LXC for nova instances, but i believe this is still highly development software and not yet stable enough to run docker you might have intended.

championofcyrodiil gravatar imagechampionofcyrodiil ( 2015-03-10 22:52:11 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-03-11 00:12:15 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

You can use option 1
View :-
Upstream Nova . Tested just 2 days ago.
The most recent Nova Docker Driver cannot be loaded
via Juno Nova due to switching to oslo logging
RDO Juno . In meantime status of stable/juno branch shouldn't change. However, requires testing.
View :-

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