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There was a recent question posted that was marked as answered that appears to have taken a different path, so I felt it appropriate to open a new question/topic for my question.

Essentially, we have Virtualbox installed on a server that has a public subnet directly connected to it and we want to setup a test environment of Openstack that is reachable from the outside world. The way we configured the network was to create 2 host only networks for Management, Storage, Admin, and the Private Network(s) and a third network that we configured as a bridged network to the server network card that had access to the public subnet.

Upon deployment, we can successfully reach the Openstack dashboard and can ping the neutron router external interface from remote sites, however, when we allocate a floating IP to an instance, we are unable to reach the instance with the allocated floating IP. Neverthless, if we directly attach an instance to the "public network" instead of the "private network" and Neutron / Nova / whatever service is responsible for it, merely assigns a public IP out of the "public ip range" of the deployment (as opposed to the floating ip range), the connectivity works fine.

Would these symptoms be caused because I am using a bridged adapter instead of a nat adapter? Is it possible to create a nat adapter with straight 1 to 1 IP mapping so that I can bring the public subnet that I have directly to the virtualbox openstack environment without having to create a bunch of port forwarding rules for each IP?

It just doesn't fully make sense as to why this would not/is not working considering I can successfully reach all of the other public IPs in the same range including the Neutron L3 router interface that is using an IP in the same IP range as the floating IPs. Yet, somehow, for some reason, I am unable to reach the assigned floating IPs. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The network diagram would be relatively basic as everything are host only networks except for the 1 public Ethernet connection...

Eth1 Host Only - Management, Admin, Private Networks

Eth2 Bridged Adapter to Physical NIC1 - NIC1 directly connected to switch port with public IP allocation

Eth3 Host Only - Storage

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@dcapone, would you be able to share a diagram?

osdiaj gravatar imageosdiaj ( 2015-03-12 22:09:02 -0500 )edit