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capture network usage based on floating ip

asked 2015-03-10 13:17:29 -0500

lanpar gravatar image

i am interested in capture network usage based on the floatingip, ie- what data is leaving the vm out of the cloud...currently the network usage is on the server's port and i want to avoid internal data transmissions

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answered 2015-03-12 15:15:31 -0500

What type of network did you deploy with nova-network, neutron VLAN/GRE?

Anywho jump on the compute node and get to '/var/lib/nova/instances/' then cd into the instances uuid, then locate the libvirt.xml that's where all the juicy details of instance are located

[root@node-4 3bda4b4e-fb3f-4f59-b59f-4d25b1e54f9d]# ls
console.log  disk  libvirt.xml

[root@node-4 3bda4b4e-fb3f-4f59-b59f-4d25b1e54f9d]# grep -i tap libvirt.xml 
      <target dev="tapfc559e83-82"/>

[root@node-4 3bda4b4e-fb3f-4f59-b59f-4d25b1e54f9d]# ifconfig | grep tap
tapfc559e83-82 Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr FE:16:3E:E7:40:3E

then you can just run a tcp dump on this tap interface, or if you are using neutron go all the way up to the router and run commands on the network namespace.

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