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set up multi-node and multi-site devstack

asked 2015-03-10 10:50:51 -0500

mickey gravatar image

hello everyone,

i have an objective, setting up a multi-node, multi-site devstack for testing purposes. i am still learning everything about the openstack environment, and i started with an all-in-one on a single machine setup.

after the successfully installation and testing on a single physical server, located at hetzner providing, i wanted to make that machine support nova-docker for docker containers and kvm for windows. that failed because it seemed that i couldnt provide 2 different hypervisors on a single compute node. because of that, i was wondering how i could establish those hypervisors on different nodes.

i found out that devstack-multi-node seems like a good way to manage this. but the problem is, that every tutorial bases on a local machine setup.

earlier that day i talked to my boss, who gave me that project ... he told me, for simulating the best use case like our customers would work in the cloud ... they want to use their instances over a single dashboard like (horizon) move docker instances between sites/nodes on amazon, openstack and google compute.

i have no multiple servers, but i created a free acount on aws to use their micro instancel. (i would use this one as nova-docker)

the problem is that i dont know how i should configure the local.conf for a compute node thats not in the same subnet/location.

my rented server got a single nic and i would use this as controller node, because it has the most storage and power to run swift and everything else.

anybody got an idea what do i have to do in order to set this instance as compute node (nova-docker). i am a little desperated, because i googled serveral things and saw that others made it, but they havent told how to.

help please

thanks forward!

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answered 2015-08-21 05:57:10 -0500

Thomas Li gravatar image

there is an redhat arcitectural reference paper with 3 multisite concepts, no concrete manual, google it

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