ceph horizon/ceilometer integration

asked 2015-03-03 06:00:37 -0500

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i am using openstack juno for a private cloud. As storage backend i decided to use ceph. My question now, is there a way to integrate information about the ceph cluster somehow in the openstack dashboard and/or ceilometer. Current problem is that the storage usage in the different dashboard views is wrong. For available storage numbers it seems to only considerate the local storage of a particular compute nodes and not the storage available in the ceph cluster. But for used storage it displays the storage really used by the VMs running on a particular nodes. Any solution to this? Additionally i like to know if there exists any ceilometer integration for ceph, only found some blueprints. I am already using calamari to monitor my ceoh cluster, but a single point of access would be nicer.

Greets Stefan

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