Cinder Backup/Restore over Region

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Cinder backup/restore over AZ is possible by storing object storage like following.

How can I backup/restore(or move) Cinder volume(which is stored in object storage by cinder-backup command) OVER REGION?

This is sample of backup/restore over AZ.

Cinder AZ

# cinder availability-zone-list
|  Name |   Status  |
|  nova | available |
| nova2 | available |

In AZ1(nova), Cinder backup to object storage

# cinder backup-create --display-name <display name> <volume name>
# cinder backup-list

In AZ2(nova2), Create new volume

# cinder create --display-name <new volume name> --availability-zone nova2 1

In AZ2(nova2), Restore

# cinder backup-restore --volume-id <new volume uuid> <backup volume uuid>

Thank you.

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answered 2015-03-01 21:52:31 -0600

There actually and easier way to migrate volumes between AZs using cinder migrate.

As far as migration between regions you can use your back and restore commands .

Backup volume in region 1 and then restore to region 2.

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answered 2015-03-01 22:55:03 -0600

idzzy gravatar image

sfcloudman, Thanks for the reply.

Sorry my question title was wrong. correct title is backup/restore, not migrate.

I've tried before about cinder migration to different cinder backend. but the status was wrong and I could not delete the volume having vague status. This is other issue, just information.

Regarding backup/restore over Region, As I described, I could confirm to backup/restore over AZ. Actually the cinder data is stored in ceph storage.

My point of question is Is "cinder-restore command" able to access to cinder backup data of ceph storage in different Region?

Thank you.

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The only real way that I know is if your ceph cluster spans regions or you use cinder back up to swift and your swift cluster replicates to both regions.

sfcloudman gravatar imagesfcloudman ( 2015-03-02 12:23:01 -0600 )edit

In nova, it's possible over Region like this. - glance image-download from region1 - glance image-create to region2 I'm looking for same way as nova for cinder.

Anyway I'll try to check about connection between ceph and cinder over region. Thanks.

idzzy gravatar imageidzzy ( 2015-03-02 20:09:17 -0600 )edit

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