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Is there any hardware dependencies in Openstack?

asked 2015-02-26 23:18:24 -0600

Lily Xing gravatar image
I know the design purpose of OpenStack architecture is to avoid any hardware dependencies in it and let the dependencies be external to OpenStack. But I just want to confirm again with your experts.
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answered 2015-02-27 03:57:52 -0600

Vinoth gravatar image

No ! You can install openstack service in any vendor's hardware. Be sure, you have atleast 4GB of RAM for POC model

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answered 2015-03-06 06:43:20 -0600

Poonam Agarwal gravatar image

Its a best practice to use exactly identical hardware configuration for the compute nodes / hypervisors as Openstack seems to be very pricky about the CPU Compatibility Checks carried out during migration of instances.

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