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Quick swift install question

asked 2015-02-26 11:06:02 -0500

Paul Roberts gravatar image

Should the nodes which aren't the proxy node have the files: container-reconciler.conf, object-expirer.conf and proxy-server.conf because when I do "swift-init all start" I get the following:

Starting container-updater...(/etc/swift/container-server.conf) Starting account-auditor...(/etc/swift/account-server.conf) Starting object-replicator...(/etc/swift/object-server.conf) Starting container-sync...(/etc/swift/container-server.conf) Starting container-replicator...(/etc/swift/container-server.conf) Starting object-auditor...(/etc/swift/object-server.conf) Unable to locate config for object-expirer Starting container-auditor...(/etc/swift/container-server.conf) Starting container-server...(/etc/swift/container-server.conf) Starting object-server...(/etc/swift/object-server.conf) Starting account-reaper...(/etc/swift/account-server.conf) Unable to locate config for proxy-server Starting account-replicator...(/etc/swift/account-server.conf) Starting object-updater...(/etc/swift/object-server.conf) Unable to locate config for container-reconciler Starting account-server...(/etc/swift/account-server.conf)

and the files I mentioned aren't in /etc/swift but since they come from yum install openstack-swift-proxy I assume they shouldn't be? So does that mean there's an issue elsewhere with my set-up?

Thanks for any suggestions, Paul

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Yes, these file will not be in /etc/swift and it shouldn't be. Is this creating problem in running swift commands like stat, upload,download etc from proxy node?

Varsha gravatar imageVarsha ( 2015-03-01 08:28:11 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-03-02 04:39:00 -0500

Paul Roberts gravatar image

Hi Varsha,

thanks for your reply. Eventually I came to the conclusion that they weren't important errors and so pressed on with my install and no it hasn't caused any problems. It just seemed odd to be complaining about something being missing if it wasn't needed there. Anyway thanks again for replying.


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There's no way to guess the administrator's intentions here, because running combined nodes is possible. Therefore, information log about what's present.

zaitcev gravatar imagezaitcev ( 2015-03-02 11:54:46 -0500 )edit

Yes, they are least important errors and will not create any problem. So i just ignored and proceeded.

Varsha gravatar imageVarsha ( 2015-03-04 07:51:53 -0500 )edit

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