How to interpret timestamp in ceilometer v2/meters/

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I am simply calling ceilometer api for meter like below http://controllerIP:8777/v2/meters/di...

and getting response like below

        "counter_name": "",
        "user_id": "e22c1db785a04b75a4a890c7609e8167",
        "resource_id": "b9049556-a516-42d3-a60f-5b66be8a823e",
        **"timestamp": "2015-02-26T09:14:53",**
        "recorded_at": "2015-02-26T09:14:53.875000",
        "message_id": "eccc4138-bd97-11e4-8e35-005056b34bd0",
        "source": "openstack",
        "counter_unit": "B",
        "counter_volume": 17680896,
        "project_id": "c5bbc0dbd72a48d0bb3c4e879038a349",
        "resource_metadata": {

My questions is what is timestamp field is of? (timestamp is timestamp of what? or which machine?)

My Setup detail,

I have one node openstack setup, where all the components are in same machine adding to that, that openstack machine timestamp when I took above log was 2 hours difference

machine time when I fire above rest api - 2015-02-26T08:09:40 And timestamp in above response - 2015-02-26T09:14:53

Please let me know what that timestamp is of?

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answered 2015-03-05 04:50:24 -0600

Rakesh Patnaik gravatar image

timestamp is the UTC time when the poll was conducted by agent-compute on the hypervisor. You can find this from ceilometer implementation at the following locations:

My guess would be if you collect the time on your machine as UTC they should match with what you would see in the Meters via a API call. Also, after the ceilometer-agent-compute poll is conducted and published to to message broker ceilometer-collector will collect and write to the database involving a time lag before a sample shows up on the API as a Meter.

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