DHCP reusing IPs

asked 2015-02-26 03:07:02 -0600

Ohad.Bar gravatar image

Hi Guys

I have set an environment with a neutron DHCP agent giving IPs to 2 different subnets. After the DHCP gave 5 instances the ips x.x.x.4 - 8 I wanted to delete some of those VMs and reuse their IPs on newly created instances, but the DHCP server just kept on going from x.x.x.9 to x.x.x.13.

I have changed the dhcp_lease_duration in the dhcp_agent.ini from 24H to 120S and I can see it's changed in the dnsmasq processes, but still no change in the leases.

After looking at the ipavailabilityranges table in the neutron database I see that the first IP he will assign new instances from is x.x.x.14, meaning he's not allocating any of the deleted IPs.

Is there anyway to make the DHCP use deleted IPs?!

I'm just thinking what will happen once I'll reach 254 created instances...

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