Calling batch script from cloudbase-init?

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I want to run a batch script which perform certain tasks after instance is build, I want to run it as the last step of cloudbase-init. It can be easily done in linux with runcmd in cloudinit.conf but I struggling with how to do it in Windows. I don't want to paste it in horizon (user input) at the time of instance creation but want to call it from inside. Would be great if you can suggest a way to do it?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Bhim

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answered 2015-03-02 08:06:28 -0600

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All you need to do is to add a user_data script, where the first line will determine the type of script, followed by the actual script itself:


rem cmd






rem cmd
echo "Hello OpenStack instance" > C:\test.txt


Set-Content -Path "C:\test.txt" -Value "Hello OpenStack instance"

For additional details:

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