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Unable to create router/network - Solaris 11.2 Openstack neutron

asked 2015-02-25 12:22:16 -0500

rajg gravatar image

updated 2015-02-25 12:24:55 -0500


I've installed and configured Openstack as per (Guide)and was able to bring up horizon, but I'm unable to create router/network using horizon or command line (neutron). #neutron create-router router1 Below is log I see in application-openstack-neutron-neutron-server\:default.log and its not throwing any error. Please help to fix this issue.

2015-02-25 12:53:43.307 1041 DEBUG neutron.openstack.common.rpc.amqp [-] Sending router.create.start on notify /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/neutron/openstack/common/rpc/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.307 1041 DEBUG neutron.openstack.common.rpc.amqp [-] UNIQUE_ID is 826ba0d9637741d089b1bdc78d0c3a28. _add_unique_id /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/neutron/openstack/common/rpc/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.307 1041 DEBUG neutron.openstack.common.rpc.amqp [-] Pool creating new connection create /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/neutron/openstack/common/rpc/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.316 1041 DEBUG amqp [-] Start from server, version: 0.9, properties: {u'information': u'Licensed under the MPL. See' , u'product': u'RabbitMQ', u'copyright': u'Copyright (C) 2007-2013 VMware, Inc.', u'capabilities': {u'exchange_exchange_bindings': True, u'consumer_cancel_notify': True, u'publisher_confirms': True, u'basic.nack': True}, u'platform': u'Erlang/OTP', u'version': u'3.1.3'}, mechanisms: [u'PLAIN', u'AMQPLAIN'], locales: [u'en_US'] _start /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/amqp/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.317 1041 DEBUG amqp [-] Open OK! _open_ok /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/amqp/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.317 1041 DEBUG amqp [-] using channel_id: 1 __init__ /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/amqp/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.318 1041 DEBUG amqp [-] Channel open _open_ok /usr/lib/python2.6/vendor-packages/amqp/ 2015-02-25 12:53:43.318 1041 INFO neutron.openstack.common.rpc.common [-] Connected to AMQP server on

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answered 2015-03-23 02:08:07 -0500

aric gravatar image

There is NOT a "create-router " subcommand for neutron command, it should be router-create. You can see "neutron help" and "neutron help router-create" for help.

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