Error when creating snapshot from instance [closed]

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Currently I am trying to create a snapshot from an instance in case to have it for different users. I am using Openstack Icehouse, the instance OS is Scientific Linux 6.6. I have admin access and from there I execute the following commands as it was written in the following manual : (

Execution :

$nova list (i can see my instance that I want to create a snapshot)

$nove stop [instance name] (stopping)

$nova image-create --poll [my instance name] [my new Instance name] (instance has been create its 20GB but its been create really fast...)

$nova image-list

-->After that I set the snapshot view as public so other users can access it and create their own instances.

$glance image-update [image name] --is-public=true

Snapshot is public now but the size of the image is 0 and it fails to launch!!!

Any suggestion how can I solve this?

Best Regards,

Stefanos Georgiou

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