I wanted to install nova-compute, glance & keystone on 3 different machine... Could any one tell me what configuration changes i have to do???

asked 2013-10-21 07:45:37 -0600

Anand Nevase gravatar image

I wanted to install each component(nova-compute, glance & keystone) of OpenStack separately. Please suggestion what all configuration i need to follow. What about about mysql, is it fine if i used sperate data bases for each component on seperate machine??

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answered 2013-10-21 16:27:33 -0600

Kiloseven gravatar image
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I have done the same installation.. as above mention in link. But now i wanted to install each component of separate machine, For Eg Machine 1 : Nova -compute Machine 2 : Keystone Machine 3 : Glance ...etc So Please kindly suggestion me what all configuration changes i need to follow. Many thanks in advance.

Anand Nevase gravatar imageAnand Nevase ( 2013-10-21 23:24:45 -0600 )edit

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