openstack CLI through external restrictive firewalls

asked 2015-02-20 05:37:55 -0600

gbenguria gravatar image

I am in the process to deploy a testing openstack in my company to be used from outside. So I want to configure openstack so it can be used in the most restrictive firewall scenario, this is only port 80 and 443 are allowed. For the dashboard I have achieved it using a reverse proxy to allow the novnc console to work on port 80, novnc usually uses 6080.

Now I have start with the CLI (command line interface). I was figuring that it was like the amazon ec2-tools, but it seems it is different. This is rather more complicated as it uses several ports, around 25 ( ( ).

Is there any approach to tunnel all the CLI command through port 80, So I can work with openstack no matter where I am (Hotel, Internet coffee, Hotspot, ...)?

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